VAFFA, The Venezuelan American Freight Forwarders Association founded on September 30, 2019. In Florida.

This association arises with the idea of fortify, promote and consolidate the International Freight and Logistics Transportation business, within the legal framework of the United States of North America.

The essence of VAFFA focuses on promote the correct and healthy development of operations and the international transportation market, first of all between the United States and Venezuela; on the other hand, it is also responsible for encouraging this course of freight forwarder based on the public service, the partners and the market in general, considering the regulatory parameters of the US government.

We help small and medium-sized International Freight Forwarders and Logistics Transportation companies to provide a better service. Besides, alliances have been formed with business leaders, commercial and non-profit associations, government agencies, civic officials and foreign dignitaries to achieve their commercial and community service objectives.

VAFFA promotes the creation of networks, trade shows, educational forums, and international trade events through its different committees, to develop an organization that consolidates all its efforts to offer a Freight market where Free Competition can be interpreted within the legal and justice parameters. Furthermore, focus educational mechanisms and administrative support for all members of the association.


Our Mission

We are a non-profit organization to promote and consolidate the business in the International Freight Transport and Logistics sector within the legal parameters of the United States of North America. Improving the business climate between shipping companies in the United States and its customers. In addition to valuable services are provided to more than 50 companies in the sector and more than 1,000,000 customers between North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Compromised with our Cause
Active Members


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