Informational Webinar Summary: International Cargo Insurance

Last Thursday our first Informational Webinar «Basic Concepts of International Cargo Insurance and How to Convert it into a Source of Income for your Company» was held, by our partner Elwin Manjarres, an active member of the VAFFA, by from Emet Insurance.

We organize this online seminar with the aim of imparting knowledge and training to our VAFFA members and allies, under the current situation of social quarantine.

Some of the most relevant points of the webinar were:

  • Types of International Cargo Insurance Policies.
  • Types of Coverage Available.
  • General Exclusions in the Clause of International Cargo Insurance.
  • General exclusions
  • What is your Civil Responsibility towards Customers?

We had a constant average of 25 participants and 37 people as an audience in total.

If you want to get more information or request the presentation, you can write an email to

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